MobileMonday on June

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MobileMonday on June

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Makan malam gratis bulan ini...

Dear MobileMonday Indonesia!!

We are honored and delighted to have Tomi Ahonen, the world’s authority on mobile industry is joining us next week on MoMo event! He will discuss his latest insights about “New Models for Revenue in Mobile Social Networking

I think everyone agrees that Social Networking is serious thing to watch. But when we’re moving the social network from the web to the mobile, things will change… many are still wondering how to monetize and sustain the business.

Tomi, who authored a bunch of best-selling books and writes regularly in few blogs and tweet about mobile and a long time supporter of MobileMonday, will share some new models as social network move to mobile i.e. subscriptions, advertising, personalization, gifting, and ego-services (ego what?).

Don’t miss this event:

* Date: Monday, 1 June 2009
* Time: 18.00 (door open) - until finish
* Place: Kuningan area (watch this space, we’ll confirm exact restaurant)

To register, pls fill in the form on our website: Register to the Event.

First come, first served ya…
See you there!

MobileMonday Indonesia
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